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Engaging the Youth in Social Change

On March 2, 2019, the Boch Center’s Teen Leadership Council held its 4th annual Youth Arts for Social Change Summit. This free annual gathering is for all young people that are inspired to advocate for social change. This event offers a platform for young people to use their voices and their art to spread awareness on important social issues. The participants were able to explore issues of gun violence, sexual assault, immigration, and race through the art they created. The art-making workshops allowed participants to engage in artistic expression, and foster a connection in the Boston community. There was a gallery where all the art was displayed and even a contest for the best art. Events like these not only encourage engagement of the youth in discussions of social issues but also allows the community to become closer. At this event, people were able to interact with one another, educate each other on current social issues, and create a safe space for self expression. It is essential that the youth become more involved in these discussions because they are the future of this country and this world. Art is an amazing media that can transcend social barriers, and it is a perfect way to unite the community.

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